Your Local Real Estate Agency

From left to right, Elias Medina, Lucia Medina, Alicia LeDoux and Justin LeDoux.

Elias Medina is a real estate expert and co-owner of L&M Realty Group. A realtor since 2014 and appraiser since 2003, Elias Medina understands the complexities and fine points of Albuquerque neighborhoods and their surrounding areas.

Lucia Medina is a Realtor and Executive Assistant at L&M Realty Group where she coordinates and leads marketing tasks as well as specializes in the customer service aspect of the business.

Alicia LeDoux is a New Mexico native who cares deeply about her community. She began her career in nursing and has enjoyed working hard and helping others. With encouragement from friends and family, Alicia helped start L&M Realty Group; where she acts as co-owner.

Justin LeDoux is a New Mexico native. Born and raised in Santa Fe, he began his career in the mortgage lending field after graduating from the University of New Mexico in 2003. As the son of a home builder in Santa Fe, Justin quickly learned how to navigate building, buying and selling homes; as a result, Justin obtained his GB98.