Evelyn Romero, Associate Broker / Realtor®

Evelyn Romero

Associate Broker / Realtor®

Evelyn was born and raised in New Mexico into a large family of seven siblings.  Hard work and sacrifice is not foreign to her.  She possesses a competitive drive.  As a young mother to a 4 year, and 8 months old, Evelyn quickly realized that in order to provide a better life for her family, she needed an advanced degree.  It was then that she applied for, and received, an academic scholarship after one semester of college.  She attended college full-time and continued working part-time.  After completing a Bachelor’s of Arts degree, she immediately began working for state government.  After 26 years of service, Evelyn retired and began buying, renovating and selling properties in New Mexico.  It was through this experience that she realized the importance of a dedicated, honest, and hard-working broker. Beyond that, Evelyn realized that she possessed those qualities.  She had a strong desire to provide that same service to others while utilizing her newfound knowledge.  Evelyn believes that a strong sense of honesty, integrity, and dedication to one’s clients will serve to provide the best possible experience, whether buying or selling a home.   Trust that Evelyn will handle each transaction from beginning to end with your best interests at the forefront.  

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Cell Phone (505)216-8722
Office Phone (505)390-7990