Associate Broker / Realtor®

Deana Marynik

Deana Marynik, Associate Broker / Realtor®
Deana Marynik was born in Washington state and, being married to a veteran, has lived in many other locations. Every move provided different challenges to overcome, but she has always created a warm loving home environment for her two children and husband after every move made. Finally moving to New Mexico in 2003 and falling in love with the people, culture, food, and climate Deana finally found a place she could call home again. Let Deana’s dedication, experience, and determination allow you to find the home of your dreams. Not only will Deana show you how easy the home buying process can be she will help you overcome any challenges in today’s market and give you the opportunity to create the same loving environment for your family. 

Office Location: 100 Sun Ave Ste 650, Albuquerque
Office Phone Number: (505)390-7990

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