Associate Broker / Realtor®

Marissa Pohl

Marissa Pohl, Associate Broker / Realtor®

Born and raised in New Mexico, Marissa Pohl is deeply ingrained in the local community. With a background as a dedicated police officer, she brings a strong sense of duty and commitment to serving the people of New Mexico. Now, as a Realtor, Marissa is on a mission to help fellow New Mexicans find their dream homes.

Marissa's family-oriented values underscore her understanding of the significance of the place we call home, especially when raising a family. She recognizes that a house is not just a structure; it's the foundation of our lives and dreams.

One exceptional aspect of Marissa is her bilingual ability, as she speaks fluent Spanish. This linguistic proficiency allows her to connect with a broader range of clients and ensures that language is never a barrier when helping them achieve their real estate goals.

With unwavering dedication, Marissa Pohl is committed to assisting you in achieving your financial goals through real estate. She upholds uncompromising standards of integrity, honesty, and service, ensuring that every client receives nothing less than the best. You can trust that with Marissa Pohl by your side, you will not be disappointed in your real estate journey.

Office Location: 100 Sun Ave Ste 650, Albuquerque
Office Phone Number: (505)390-7990

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